The Pit (1981) Review


The Pit

Directed by Lew Lehman

Starring Sammy Snyder and Jeannie Elias


The film opens with a kid dressed as a ghost on trick or treat night, leading two other kids off into the woods. That gets sidetracked while we meet Jamie Benjamin (Sammy Snyder) whos being disciplined by his teacher for stealing a nudity book. All seems normal, but young Jamie has troubles. He has no friends and still acts like a younger child. He is always bullied by the other kids.

Jamie’s parent go away and leaves a beautiful babysitter, Sandy (Jeannie Elias) in charge to watch him. He falls in love with her, totally creeping her out. Jamie even trusts her with a secret that he’s told no one about a pit, where creatures live. But, she shrugs it off. Jamie makes regular visits to the pit to feed these creatures.

Eventually, he does a bunch of mischievous stuff like calling an older woman to get her to take her clothes off, he also steals money from Sandy to purchase meat. But the creatures in the pit are hungry, so he’s coerced by his teddy bear to feed the monsters of the pit, live humans. So everyone that was mean to him are on the menu, including the two kids from the opening.

One of the people that were fed to the creatures was Sandy’s boyfriend, she confronts Jamie, who takes her to the pit, where she falls in and is killed. Meanwhile, a search party seeks out and kills the creatures. But are they really dead?

REVIEW: This is one film that I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time. It’s got an amazing VHS cover, but that’s all it’s got for me really. The film suffers from unlikable characters and its conclusion was predictable.


2 thoughts on “The Pit (1981) Review

  1. I’ve heard of this movie before. Sounds camp and weird! From a reviewing standpoint (if you don’t mind me giving you advice,) you revealed too many spoilers and spent too much time talking about the plot, reserving your opinion for the last few lines. People can get a synopsis anywhere, it’s the opinion part of the review that is the important and special part. I might watch “The Pit” if it came out on Netflix Instant because I love unusual horror films and cult oddities, but otherwise, I’d give this one a pass. It sounds okay, but not like anything great.

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