Night of the Comet (1984)


Night of the Comet

Dir. Thom Eberhardt

Starring Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney

PLOT: A comet is passing through Earth and the people of Earth party awaiting its arrival. A theater usher named Reggie (Stewart) spends the night with a projectionist and misses the comet, which kills the entire population.

The next day, she awakes and comes face-to-face with a zombie. She manages to escape.
She returns to find that her sister Sam has survived. Sam is dumbfounded by everything. The sisters go to the radio station, after hearing a broadcast with the belief that the DJ is still alive. In fact, he is not. Instead, they meet a truck driver named Hector who also survived. The group stays the night in the radio station.

Hector leaves to find his family while the two girls head to a local mall. The girls are attacked by zombies. But are saved some scientists. The scientists take Reggie to their base. One scientist gives Sam something to make her sleep.

Hector comes back to the radio station to find the scientist, she leaves a note, then proceeds killing herself. Hector and Sam travel to the base to rescue Reggie.

REVIEW: This is one of the reasons that horror ruled in the 80’s. It’s just one of those film that you feel good watching. It’s got a moment where the two sisters go shopping and it plays “Girls just want to have Fun”. If you love 80’s horror, then this is for you!


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