Night of the Creeps (1986)


Night of the Creeps

Dir. Fred Dekker

Starring Tom Atkins and Jason Lively

PLOT: In 1959, an alien experiment is shot out of a spaceship. That experiment crashes to Earth. When one guy goes to the location where it landed. He’s attacked by space slugs. While, the girl he’s with is murdered by an escaped killer.

27 years later in 1986, two awkward college students try to join a fraternity, so one of them can get the attention of a beautiful girl. The Fraternity gives the boys the task of stealing a corpse from the morgue. So, they go and find a body, which happens to the body of the guy from 1959. He comes to life attacking a grad student. Soon, his head splits open releasing slugs!

The slugs begin to bring other dead stuff back to life. Including the escaped killer that was shot and killed by Detective Ray Cameron (Atkins) in 1959. Cameron buried the killers body after discovering he killed Cameron’s ex-girlfriend. Later a bus carrying the fraternity crashes killing all of the frat boys. They are brought back by the slugs and make their way to Sorority Row. It’s up to Ray Cameron and Chris Romero (Lively) to stop the undead!

REVIEW: It’s another great horror film from the 1980’s. It’s one of the greatest zombie films of all time! It’s a great one and needs more appreciation. Fred Dekker was an underrated genius.


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