The Last Slumber Party (1987)

The Last Slumber Party - VHS Art

The Last Slumber Party

Dir. Stephen Tyler

Starring Jan Jensen and Nancy Mayer

PLOT: The film begins with a mental patient trying on a surgical mask. He then escapes or something like that. Meanwhile, a girl and her two friends plan a slumber party. I think that one patient escapes again. Like, his doctor wants to give him a lobotomy, so it’s the doc’s daughter that is having the slumber party.

So, the girls have a slumber party. The escaped patient climbs a ladder into the house. Some guys are also in the house. Take a guess at what they do, it is a slasher film. The killer takes out all of the guys with a scalpel. We get a 10 minute interval where all the girls pretty much talk alike.

After many unnecessary zoom in on the killers eyes, the girls discover bodies of the boys and a guy that happens to wear scrubs like the killer. Like, the “funny” girl is the only one alive, she kills the wrong person and shows no emotion about it, ’cause midway through the flick, she has visions of creepy things.

She comes face to face with the killer, who slowly walks at her with the scalpel. That lasts for about FIVE minutes. She stabs him and then passes out. We get an inception style ending!

REVIEW: I could really pick this flick apart. But, ehh it’s a low budget flick from the 80’s and I am understanding. I mean, the music was okay. The killer was incredibly lame though. It’s the type of flick that you and your friends can laugh at, I guess. Another positive is this VHS art, which I loved it as a kid and now.


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