Thoughts: CW’s Friday the 13th


The horror world has been talking about the new Friday the 13th show coming to the CW. Unlike, the 1980’s show “Friday the 13th: The Series” which had zero to do with Jason, will have Jason on it. You’d think I’d be estatic about that. It’s my favorite horror icon coming to the small screen. But, it’s the complete opposite.

Horror is hot on TV. We’ve got the Walking Dead, Bates Motel, American Horror Story, and The Strain. You’d think Friday the 13th would fit in among these shows. But, the CW has it… No disrespect to the CW. I think Supernatuaral is a decent show. I know, they also have Vampire Diaries, which I’ve never watched. The CW is more teen friendly. Nothing wrong with that, but Friday the 13th should be a Mature Audience show.

Jason should be killing folks and other stuff the films got R ratings for. It’s going to be toned down. Also, the show will be focusing on Jason’s family, who are also crazy. Which is something that I’m not fond of. They’re going to make Jason like Leatherface. Who knows they might be able to pull it off. We’ll see…..

One thing that I think will be cool. They’re going to have Jason in different time periods. No, he’s not travelling in time (at least I hope not). It’s going to be at different times in his life. So, we’ll see Jason in the 1980’s again, which is what I want to see. Hopefully, they can find an actor to make Jason great again. I’m not really a fan of Kane Hodder, they most definitely should stay away from that type of Jason.

All in all, I’m going to watch this new show. I can’t turn Mr. Voorhees down, I have watched Jason X in theaters, as well as the remake.


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