Top Ten Charles Bronson Films

Charles Bronson is my favorite actor. Here are my favorite films of his! Check this out!


10.) The Mechanic– Bronson takes a young hit-man under his wing teaching him the art of death. It’s one film I didn’t like at first. It’s grown on me


09.) Breakheart Pass– Bronson is an outlaw. He’s captured, but he’s really a Federal agent to uncover a deadly murder plot. Well acted and the setting is so awesome!


08.) Borderline- A man is bringing Mexican immigrants across the border that same man shot and killed a border patrol agent. Bronson seeks the answers! It also stars Wilford Brimley, who starred with Bronson in 10 to Midnight and Act of Vengeance. It’s a must see!


07.) Breakout– A pilot is hired to help a wrongfully accused man out of prison in Mexico. I don’t really know how this flew under my radar for so long, but it was incredibly enjoyable.


06.) Murphy’s Law– Bronson plays Jack Murphy, a no nonsense cop who is being targeted by an insane woman. Murphy is handcuffed to a criminal, who’s a woman. It’s a pretty entertaining flick. Don’t fuck with Jack Murphy!


05.) Mr. Majestyk– Bronson is Majestyk, a poor melon farmer who’s forced to fight the mob. Based on a novel by Elmore Leonard, it’s filled with action. Bronson action!


04.) White Buffalo– Wild Bill Hickok is haunted by dreams of a murderous buffalo. He aims to kill this buffalo, to make the dreams the stop. One of the things I love about this film is the location. It’s one of those perfect movies to watch in winter.


03.) Red Sun– Bronson plays a criminal who tries to rob a train. The train is carrying delegates from Japan. An ancient sword is stolen and Bronson is captured by a legendary warrior and forced to lead him to his friends. It’s east meets west, as Bronson acts with Toshiro Mifune.


02.) Death Wish– In his most famous role, Charles Bronson is Paul Kersey. A liberal archiitect who turns to vigilantism after his daughter is raped and wife is killed. It’s such a great flick. Followed by a few great sequels, well Death Wish II is good and Death Wish 4 is passable.


01.) Hard Times Directed by Walter Hill (The Warriors and 48 Hours). Bronson plays Chaney, a down on his luck drifter who turns to fighting to earn cash. This was the first Bronson film I ever watched. My dad always borrowed it off of my uncle. It has become one of my favorite films ever. It’s definitely a film you should check out!



3 thoughts on “Top Ten Charles Bronson Films

  1. I like the list but would have to get Death Hunt in there. I assume these are just his starring roles. Otherwise I would have to get Dirty Dozen and Once Upon a Time in the West in there. But I still would sit down and watch any Charlie film when given the chance. Nice post.

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