Freddy vs. Jason: 12 Years Later


You were either Team Freddy or Team Jason around this time in 2003. This fight had been gestating since the 80’s. There were apparently talks of the two meeting in the 80’s, but New Line and Paramount couldn’t strike a deal. It wasn’t until New Line acquired the rights to the Friday the 13th series after “Jason Takes Manhattan” tanked.

In 1993, New Line released “Jason goes to Hell” which was awful as well. But, the ending was so legendary. Freddy’s claw grabbing Jason’s mask after he was sent to hell. With any luck, we could have got FVJ in 1994. Sadly, Wes Craven wanted to come back and make “New Nightmare” which people regard as an instant classic, I never cared for it. To me, Craven watched “Last Action Hero” and thought, “Hey, I could make a Freddy movie like this!”


So, the film wasn’t made. It was apparently really hard to come up with a way these two titans of terror could meet. There were stories about Freddy on trial, a cult called Fred-heads and one where Freddy and Jason competed in a contest. Yep, it was rocket science. Then, we got “Jason X”. Jason in space was what all the fans wanted after seeing the ending of JGTH. It was another disappointment.

Finally, in 2003 it was announced. I didn’t know anything about it. I was watching some late night movie trailer show on E!. Then, they showed the first trailer. I almost had a heart attack. Then, set photos were released of Freddy with Jason. It was finally happening! August 15th was the release date.

Leading up, New Line did fun little promotional stuff. They had a weighing of the two competitors. Fangoria released an FVJ magazine. I recorded a behind the scenes thing that came on E!. I was really pumped for the movie.My friend and I took a poll. We asked everyone at our school if they liked Jason or Freddy more. I was on Jason’s side, of course 🙂


I went on August 16th with my sister and two other people. There was a line of people to watch this. We sat up at top. There were some annoying pricks down from me. Anyway, the movie started and I was blown away. It was awesome. Jason was awesome! I wanted to watch it again, but I wasn’t able to. :/

It was an experience that I’ll remember forever. I’m truly grateful to have watched these two finally meet. In the end, it’s not that great of a movie. The film’s CGI was poo. There are tons of little things that annoy me. I don’t like any characters besides Freddy and Jason. Ken Kirzinger was really good as Jason though, it was nice to see someone other than Hodder. It’s been twelve years and I still can’t believe it. If only it were made in the 80’s.


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