Alien: Isolation (Review)

Now, there have been many Alien games. Recently there has been Aliens vs. Predator and Aliens: Colonial Marines. Both of which I haven’t played. I’m familiar with the Alien 3 game on SNES. Anyway, Alien Isolation is a newer game that came out in 2014. I’ve just got around to playing it. Here’s my take on it


You play Ellen Ripley’s daughter. Ellen Ripley is our hero from the first film from 1979. You haven’t seen her in years and want closure. Ellen’s flight recorder was found and is on a space station.. She decides to dock and bad things begin to happen. The Xenomorph or the Alien is on board of the space station. You have to navigate through it. Hiding and sneaking from all sorts of enemies. I mean, you’ve got evil humans, evil androids, and facehuggers.


So many things happen, all of which continues to happen. I found myself getting tired of the same ole stuff. You have to sneak. I got tired of the sneaking and started running everywhere. I kept getting killed by the Alien, to which I soon started to fight it back with everything to no avail. Best part of the game is when you have other survivors who are scared or hurt and being a complete jerk and summoning the alien, yes summoning.


It’s a really scary game. I mean, it’s SCARY.  The Working Joes were one of the creepiest things about it. I pretty much knew they’d turn out to be mean, but for the hell of it, a nice one greeted me and I hit him in the face. I love how they made everything look like the 70’s. I award Sega 3 points for making a true Alien game.



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