Least Favorite Charles Bronson Films

Like I said the other day. Bronson is my favorite actor. He’s been in a lot of good films. He’s also been in a fair share of awful movies.


The Family aka Violent City– Bronson is an assassin that’s out for revenge. It drags on, but I really enjoyed the moment where he was preparing an assassination at a racetrack.


Lola aka Twinky– Bronson plays an author that begins a relationship with a sixteen year old girl. It’s not so bad, but I couldn’t get into it.


Messenger of Death– Bronson is a reporter investigating some murders involving a religious community. The DVD of this film makes it seem like it’s violence central. That’s not the problem here. It’s not that entertaining.


Rider on the Rain & Someone Behind the Door– One is about a woman murdering a rapist and the other one is about a rapist murdering a woman. Two French films that make the viewer uneasy, but they’ve got no redeeming factors.


Assassination– An aging secret service agent is tasked with protecting the first lady. It’s an action flick. A uninspired one at that.


Death Wish 3 & 5– May seem like blaspemy for any Bronson fan. I’m not saying they’re horrible, but I can’t get into them like the other Death Wish films. I appreciate the action of both, I’ll stick with 1, 2, and 4.


Sorry Bronson :/


2 thoughts on “Least Favorite Charles Bronson Films

  1. Anyone who comes out and says Bronson is their favorite is ok in my books. Rider on the Rain isn’t all that bad and proved to be a huge hit overseas at the time of it’s release and was important in the advancement of his career as a leading man. I feature plenty of Bronson articles. Feel free to check them out.

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