The 5 Best Frankenstein Films

Happy National Frankenstein Day!

Today is Mary Shelley’s birthday. She is the author to one of most timeless horror stories ever. Frankenstein or, the Modern Prometheus. There have been countless versions on film and TV. These five are my favorite fillms!

Herman Munster. Father of the Year.
Herman Munster. Father of the Year.

5.) The Curse of Frankenstein– Hammer Film Productions made a name for themselves in the 1950’s. The first of their Frankenstein films is Curse of Frankenstein. The film focused on Baron Frankenstein played brilliantly by Peter Cushing. Most of the Frankenstein films just put all the focus on the Monster while this one focused on Victor. In this film, Christopher Lee plays the Monster. After this film, Chris Lee and Peter Cushing would reunite on “Horror of Dracula” a year later. This film is a bizarre one, but it’s a fun watch in October!


4.) The Evil of Frankenstein– The third film of Hammer’s run with Frankenstein. This film follows Baron Frankenstein who discovered his first creature buried in ice. This film was a joint production between Universal and Hammer, which is why the monster resembles Universal’s design. I had the most fun watching this one. So, check it out!


3.) Son of Frankenstein– Karloff plays Frankenstein’s Monster for third time. The Monster is in a weakened state and his friend, Ygor played by Bela Lugosi wants to rejuvenate the Monster to seek revenge on people. Enter the Son of Frankenstein named Wolf Von Frankenstein who does just that. It’s the first Frankenstein film I ever watched on AMC back in the day. It’s a very enjoyable film and I say that Bela Lugosi upstaged Karloff in this.


2.) Bride of Frankenstein– Karloff once again plays the Monster! After surviving a fire from the previous film, The Monster roams the countryside trying to make friends. He makes one in a blind man, but the villagers ruin it. The Monster comes face to face with a mad scientist who wants Henry Frankenstein to create life again. So, he uses the Monster to threaten Frankenstein. They create a bride for the Monster…which doesn’t end well.. This film should have won an oscar. The scene with Karloff and the Blind Man is one of the most touching scenes ever.



Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, Frankenstein Created Woman, The Revenge of Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein.

1.) Frankenstein (1931)– The film that made Karloff a household name. Colin Clive is Henry Frankenstein and he’s completely obsesses over the idea of creating life. He and his servant, Fritz rob graves to get body parts. He succeeds at bringing a creature to life. But, the creature has a criminal’s brain and becomes violent. The Creature escapes and causes panic. It’s one of my favorite films ever! It’s also my favorite Universal Monster film. This film is the definition of movies to watch in October. Karloff was amazing and the design for his monster is the most recognized in pop culture. It’s also known for the memorable phrase “It’s Alive!”.


Share your five favorite Frankenstein films with me 😉


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