Sinister (2012) Review


Sinister (2012)

Dir. Scott Derickson

Starring Ethan Hawke and Fred Thompson

Plot: The film begins with footage of a family’s execution by hanging. We are then introduced to a family settling into a new home. The father of the family is Ellison Oswalt (Hawke). Ellison is a true crime writer who is always seeking the truth and the house he has moved into is a crime scene, he keeps this secret from his family. Ellison is looking around the house and finds a box of old home movies.

Seems like fun times!
Seems like fun times!

He’s shocked by the content of the film which shows countless people being murdered. He keeps this from the police. While watching one of the disturbing films, he discovers a strange figure, a man of sorts. Everything becomes more mysterious as the films were recorded through various murders throughout time. He becomes more and more obsessed about these events.

What's up, guys!?
What’s up, guys!?

He gets the help of a local police officer to discover more about these cases and finds out info from a professor. The professor speaks of a Pagan deity named “Bughuul” who eats children. His wife then finds out of the horrible murders that happened in their house. They make up, but Ellison sees visions of the children that have disappeared in the cases and decides to destroy the films. He gets his family out of the murder house.


He moves back to his old house. But, he wasn’t safe there…

ReviewThis is one of few horror films that have really affected me in anyway. When I first watched it, I was actually creeped out by it. The films use of music is fairly effective. I mean, the music adds to the dread of this film. Now, it’s not a perfect horror film. When it makes a turn towards the kids, it goes downhill. I have no problem with killer kids and whatnot, but that completely ruined it for me. Although, when the little girls says “Don’t worry daddy, I’ll make you famous again” is really chilling. The missing kids were given the typical “ghost” make-up which cheapened the film in my eyes. Bughuul was a neat villain, but becomes less after the kid angle is brought in, he’s no Pennywise..

I do love this film though. I remember winning it in a contest after editing a horror themed photo of Beyonce in early 2013482352_10151365589769302_1772970107_n


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