The Guest (2014) Review


Dir. Adam Wingard

Starring Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe

Plot: The film begins with a man named David Collins (Stevens) arriving at a home. He meets the mother of a fallen soldier. He tells her it was her son’s last request for him to check on her. She invites him to stay at their house. David helps the family’s father overcome insecurities about himself, the other son overcomes bullies, and their daughter Anna (Monroe) with her relationship problems.

There's a lot of trouble in my backy-packy.
There’s a lot of trouble in my backy-packy.

Anna becomes suspicious of David after hearing a conversation he has on the phone. Later, David meets up with some guys about a gun. He murders them and takes their weapons. Anna calls the military to find any info on David. They call back and tell her some things.

I question everything.
I question everything.

Anna’s boyfriend is framed for a murder that David committed. She confronts David, but he reveals stuff about the special forces and the family believes him. After the son gets into a fight with a bully, David claims that the family will sue the school and gets the boy’s discipline reduced. Some military men come to collect David and a shootout ensues. David kills the mom and escapes from the shooters. He also blows up the restaurant that Anna works at (She left just before).

Deal with it.
Deal with it.

Anna and a government agent head to the school to pick her brother up. But, David gets there as well and causes havoc. In a chase scene that contains a HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH easter egg. Anna confronts David and causes a small fire.

Silver Shamrock
Silver Shamrock

Review: This flick is a really good thriller from Adam Wingard (You’re Next). It’s a well acted one at that. The main thing I really love is how it feels like an 80’s movie. I really, really wish more filmmakers would make movies like this. They’d be a lot more enjoyable. Another plus is that the movie takes place around Halloween. So, definitely check this one out.


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