It Follows (2015) Review


Dir. David Robert Mitchell

Starring Maika Monroe and Keir Gilchrist

Plot: The film begins with a girl acting silly out in the street, she acts as if something is following her. She then speeds away in her car, she’s found dead on the beach. Then, we meet a girl named Jay (Monroe). She goes on a date with a guy who also acts the same way as the girl from earlier. They leave the date earlier, the guy never tells what the problem is.

I'm very flexible
I’m very flexible

The two go on another date and they pork each other. Her boyfriend drugs her and ties her to a wheelchair. He tells her that he gave her something and no it’s not an STD. Some kind of creature will follow her. So, he tells her that if she wants to pass it on, that she should pork someone and it’ll bother them. They report this guy to the police and they find no record of him.


Later, Jay sees a strange old woman coming towards her and she runs for her life. That night, her friends stay the night to keep her company. One of the friends is Paul (Gilchrist) who has had a crush on her forever. Jay sees another person in the kitchen, a girl who pees herself, then later a tall guy with no eyes, which scared me.

Eye Follow
Eye Follow

Jay and her friends leave. They go to an abandoned house where that one guy lived, I think. In there they discover some dirty magazines and wadded up tissues, Troy Setters musta been there. In reality, they find a photo of the guy and they head to his school to seek answers. The guys name was Jeff.


He just tells her the same ole stuff and they retreat to a beach house. Where another person comes and attacks her. But, it also attacks her friends. So then they know it’s real, she flees again, leaving her friends behind. She wrecks and is put in the hospital. She porks a friend, but nothing follows him at first. Eventually it caught up to him. Which means it’ll come after her again. Will she ever be able to get rid of “IT”.


Review: I’ve been wanting to watch this for a long while now. I’ve heard mostly good things about it. I thought it was neat to finally see a newer horror film that’s not found footage, or at least have a scene where a camera is used. I think was pretty suspenseful. Characters were a bit meh, I didn’t like the one girl wearing glasses. The tone of the film felt like every other independent horror film out there. The score was amazing and reminded me of John Carpenter. Anyway, it’s actually one of the better horror films of the year, which is really not saying much.


4 thoughts on “It Follows (2015) Review

  1. 2015 has been the year of over hyped bad horror movies. I didn’t hate It Follows, but I didn’t love it either. I got a couple pissy comments about my review. If everyone agreed on movies, reviewing and commenting on them would be so boring, kinda like It Follows. 😉

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    1. Although, I thought It Follows was okay, it could’ve blown me away and been way better. It’s like the Babadook, I was expecting a huge payoff and it didn’t deliver.

      It Follows did take FOREVER to end though 🙂

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      1. Hopefully not! I’m trying to keep my hopes up for Victor Frankenstein! I feel that someone should at least try to make another great Frankenstein film and hopefully this one will be it.

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