Thoughts: Sinister 2 (2015)


I just got back from watching “Sinister 2”. The sequel to the 2012 horror film that starred Ethan Hawke. I’m going to avoid spoilers and just give details about the plot and my personal feelings towards it.

The film’s plot revolves around a mother and her two boys who live in a remote farmhouse where some grizzly murders happened a few years back.  A Private Investigator (Officer So and So from the first film) comes to burn the house down with the hope that the string of murders will stop. Meanwhile, one of the boys is visited by a strange boy who often shows the boy films where people are murdered. They want him to do this, but he’s reluctant.

I thought this was an okay sequel. The first one was really creepy, especially the music that played during the murder videos. This one didn’t really focus much on creepiness in the videos, although the Christmas video was disturbing. They thought of some very creative ways to dispatch families. I’m not saying the film wasn’t creepy, it was at a lot of parts. Y’all should check it out when you can.


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