Thoughts: Fear The Walking Dead (Series Premiere…No Spoilers)

Fear walking dead man

We now have a spinoff of AMC’s popular horror show “The Walking Dead”. TWD is one of my favorite shows on TV, so I was excited to see this show. It takes place before the events of TWD. The show focuses on a family who are coping with the drug addiction of their son or step-son. He sees some f-ed up stuff, his girl was eating a face! Now, a bunch of stuff happens and people talk of viruses and diseases. It’s a panic! Footage of stuff pops up here and there and to cause mo’ panic!

I really liked it for a series premiere. Had some pretty good intense moments. The effects makeup were decent. The characters were solid and acted well.  Pretty much all I have to say about that. It wasn’t as powerful TWD’s series premiere and I feel this series will often be compared to that, which will be unfair. Overall, I’m happy we have another show to tide us over.


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