Video Game Franchise Ranking: Grand Theft Auto Series

The GTA series is one of the best and most controversial franchises out there. It started in 1997 as an over-the-head game and evolved into a 3D free roam masterpiece. Now, I’m only ranking the 3D games (anything beyond GTA III-GTA V, excluding GTA: Advance and GTA: Chinatown Wars)

09.) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories– This game came out originally for PSP (Playstation Portable). It happens three years before the events of GTA III. The game follows Tony Cipriani, a man who is loyal to the mob. Numerous things happen to him like his own mother hiring hitmen to kill him. I remember playing a little of it on PSP, it wasn’t that bad, but then it was ported to the PS2. I bought it the day it came out which 6/6/06…the end of the world. It was incredibly lame.


08.) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas– It’s 1992 and Carl Johnson returned home to San Andreas to attend his mother’s funeral, but is set up for a murder he didn’t commit. He’s taken all across the huge world of San Andreas to just come back and worry about stupid gang stuff. It’s a game you’d put a lot into and it would take it all the away. You get paid in respect which means that you’d be able to recruit other gang members to do stuff with>>>which means you’ll be doing all of the work while the gang stands far away from you. Also, the sound effects are horrible. The conclusion is a letdown and CJ is definitely the worst character of the franchise.


07.) Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and The Damned– Johnny Klebitz is a biker that comes to Liberty City and reunites with his gang. They are having a power struggle and Johnny eventually takes over. It’s not so bad, Johnny is an okay character, but the game is too much like “Sons of Anarchy” which is good if you like that show. It’s a DLC for GTA IV, so I’ll cut it some slack.


06.) Grand Theft Auto IV– It’s the first in the HD universe! The main character is Niko Bellic. He’s done some messed up stuff in his life and comes to Liberty City to get away from it all. But, like always, stuff happens. It’s not an awful game. I really enjoy it. It’s got one of the most interesting characters of the franchise, but a lot of stuff gets nerve-wracking. Mainly, your cousin wanting to go bowling and the lack of awesome weapons.


05.) Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony– The last DLC for GTA IV has Luis, a bouncer with a temper working for a flamboyant nightclub owner. Nothing really special, the weapons are an improvement from the last two, but Luis is not a good character. I hold this above the other two for its online multiplayer. It also reminds me a lot of Vice City. 4334024_640px

04.) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories– Vic Vance comes to Vice City and he’s discharged from the military. His brother, Lance comes to town as well. So much stuff happens like people try to kill Phil Collins while he’s giving a concert and you play as a robot. It was so fun, an improvement over LCS. I remember playing this quite a bit back in the day. It was nice to revisit VC, two years before VC!


03.) Grand Theft Auto V– You play as three characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin.You plan and initiate heists. It’s a very enthralling game. It’s an epic game! I’ve played through the story mode dozens of times and it’s not even two years old yet. Most of the characters aren’t that good. I just really like the main characters. Michael is my favorite. The online multiplayer is mostly fun as well.


02.) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City– Now, it’s one of the greatest games of all time. It’s really hard for this not to be #1. The game takes place in 1986. You are Tommy Vercetti and you just take over the town. The game has an amazing soundtrack and voice acting. It’s got one of the greatest stories in video game history as well. It’s another one I have played numerous times and never get sick of.


and the top spot goes to…..

01.) Grand Theft Auto III– The first game I ever owned for the PS2. You play as Claude who was betrayed by his girlfriend during a robbery, you escape a prison bus and begin to do some work around town for the mob, yakuza and billionaires. It’s a groundbreaking game. It’s definitely hard to pick between this and Vice City. But, I have to choose this, due to all the memories I have. It’s a very quotable game, mainly the pedestrians.


Share with me your ranking of this franchise 🙂 🙂


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