Marvel’s The Avengers (1968) Review


Plot: A strange visitor lands in a secret government facility. It’s Loki (Peter Cushing, Horror of Dracula), he’s a norse god. He comes and has a confrontation with Nick Fury (Charles Bronson, The Magnificent Seven). Loki hypnotizes one of Fury’s brightest men Clint Barton aka Hawkeye (Clint Eastwood, Coogan’s Bluff). Loki escapes causing a nuclear bomb-like explosion. Fury fears Loki will use a strange weapon to cause the end of humanity. Fury seeks the help of powered foes!

He contacts Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow (Ann Margret, Bye, Bye, Birdie) she is trying to leak commie secrets, she is tasked with bringing Dr. Bruce Banner in. Banner (Oliver Reed, Curse of the Werewolf) is a genius, but has a temper, it turns him into a monster! Fury on the otherhand talks with Captain America (Paul Newman, The Hustler) who was recently awaken after being frozen over a decade in ice! The last person who needs to be recruited is Tony Stark (Tony Curtis, Spartacus) who created a suit of metal.

Loki is caught and while being taken to a prison, he’s snatched by his brother, Thor (Richard Harrison).  But, Thor agrees to keep Loki in a cell. All the heroes are brought together and their egos collide. The prison is attacked, which causes Banner to turn into a monster called “The Hulk” which trashes the place causing Loki to escape. Loki travels to New York. He opens a portal and dozens of aliens come from Outer Space to destroy Earth. The group comes together and fights Loki and his goons! They are the Avengers!

Review: Wow! It was such an amazing film for it’s time! It’s one of the neater ensemble casts out there! Ray Harryhausen did the effects for Hulk and they are great. I think one of my favorite performances was by Roddy McDowall who played Stark’s butler, Jarvis.



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