Top 5 Wes Craven Films

I was shocked to hear about the passing of filmmaker Wes Craven. He’s one of the most influential directors out there. Because of him, we wouldn’t have many of the greatest horror films out there. Here are my top 5 Craven flicks.

5.) Vampire in Brooklyn- Wes Craven directed this Eddie Murphy vehicle about a vampire coming to modern day Brooklyn. It’s a really good horror-comedy and something different for Craven.


4.) The Serpent & The Rainbow- A man is goes through a ritual that puts him in a deadlike state. It’s a chilling true story with a lot of neat visuals and creepy moments.


3.) Scream- Many murders happen in a small town. It’s the film that reanimated the slasher genre in the 90’s. It’s one of the best from that decade.


2.) The Hills Have Eyes (1977)- A family gets lost in the desert and are stalked by strange people. It plays on a phobia of mine, being lost in the middle of nowhere with the feeling that someone is watching from a distance.


and #1 goes to…..

1.) The People Under The Stairs- A young boy is trapped in house where a psychopathic family lives. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. I got the film on DVD in 07 and I’d watch it everyday after I got home from school.


Without Wes, we wouldn’t have Freddy Krueger. So, I have a huge amount of respect for him. Rest in peace, Wes and thanks for the nightmares..



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