Mad Max: Fury Road (Review)


Dir. George Miller

Starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron

Plot: The film begins with Max (Hardy) being captured by a bunch of buttholes. They hold him captive at some strange place ruled by a guy with a stupid face. Everyone is addicted to water and such. There are guys named “Warboys” and they are bald and stupid. A woman by the name of Furiosa (Theron) hijacks a truck filled with women who have been slaves. This pisses off the tyrant who gathers up an army to go after her.


Max becomes a blood bank to a dying warboy or something. Both go after Furiosa. Action happens and Max is free. He teams up with Furiosa and helps the women to get to salvation. But, they are followed by the warboys and whatnot. They travel through the desert and things happen.


Max and the women meet up with some older women and then the villain comes and this leads to the 80th car chase in the film. All I can say is vroom, vroom and swerve.


Review: It’s the fourth in the ‘Mad Max’ franchise, it’s a role that Mel Gibson personified. I’m not really that familiar with this franchise, the only one I’ve watched all the way through was “Beyond Thunderdome”. Anyway, I think Hardy did a decent job. The film was okay, it bored me though. I like car chases and action, but this got out of hand with it. I appreciate a lot from this though. I know that people have said this was the best summer movie of 2015 and that’s their opinion. But, Jurassic World still stomps this. If I was more of a Mad Max fan, I’d probably like it more. It’s not bad, but it’s not god’s gift like most have said….


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