Dream Log #1- Zombies?

This is a new thing I’m going to do. Whenever I have a dream or nightmare, I’m going to write about it here. Yeah, sounds a bit silly, I guess.

Okay, this dream started out on trick or treat night. There was a panic going on, probably the zombie apocalypse. I just remember people being nervous. Of course, this scared me in the dream. I went on a mission to get somewhere safe, I think. I walked to the local pharmacy (Rite Aid) and for some reason, I walked in. There was a long line of people. They were wanting antibiotics, probably for zombie bites. I didn’t stick around.

I turned down a street and was met by a parent and a trick or treater. I had a cape on, all of a sudden. I made a run past them, but was wore out. It was like a video game. Then, I was walking down another street. I was wearing a sweater and I rolled the sleeves up.

I saw a friend from long ago, I made a detour, so I wouldn’t have to talk to them.  It lead me into a field with tall grass. I thought that if I walked through the grass, there’d be zombies or snakes. I walked atop a mound of something, but I sunk in. I fell back and noticed the mound was infested with…….snakes. I woke up immediately..


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