Top 10 Westerns

The Western genre is one that ruled for decades. It’s one genre that I have obtained a huge respect for. Here are my favorite Westerns!


10.) Man Without A Star-  A cowboy and a friend come to a town and are hired workhands. They butt heads with local ranchers. It’s a decent Kirk Douglas western, has some pretty good acting and action scenes!

09.) The Shootist- J.B. Books is a legendary western hero who is dying from cancer. A very sad film because it’s John Wayne’s last film, who was also dying from cancer.


08.)  Last Train from Gun Hill- Kirk Douglas stars as man bringing the killer of his Indian wife to justice. It was his best friends son that killed her. He catches him, but has to wait for the train to come. So, he holes up in a hotel room while the man tries to saves his sons life. It’s a gripping western.


07.) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance- A Senator gains fame across the west as the man who shot a gunslinger, but it turns out that he’s a yellowbelly. Wayne and Jimmy Stewart do great. Lee Marvin was good too.


06.) El Dorado– John Wayne and Robert Mitchell team-up in this remake of “Rio Bravo”. That has Wayne as a gunslinger hired by a rancher to stop a range war. Its a great film. ‘Nuff said.


05.) For A Few Dollars More- Clint Eastwood plays ‘the man with no name’ in this second installment of Sergio Leone’s trilogy. Eastwood and another bounty hunter work together to bring a criminal to justice. That other bounty is none other than Lee Van Cleef, who’s daughter was murdered by the criminal. I like spaghetti westerns, but they’re not that great. But I really enjoyed this one.


04.) McLintock!- John Wayne is a wealthy rancher named McLintock and everyone wants his land. His ex-wife comes back only to get their daughter’s custody. It’s my favorite John Wayne western. It’s got one of my favorite fight scenes in movie history. Also, Yvonne De Carlo and Maureen O’ Hara are beautiful on this film!


03.) Gunfight at the O.K. Corral- One of the tellings of the famous wild west story stars Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. It’s a really good film with one of the best opening songs to a western.


02.) Tombstone (1993)- Another telling of the gunfight stars Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. But, the cast is so massive, there is Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, Charlton Heston, and Michael Biehn. It’s such a wonderful film!!


and #1 is……

01.) High Noon- A town marshall has to confront some bad guys on his wedding day. The town that once helped his capture these guys, turn their backs on him. So, he’s alone against three guys. It’s a masterpiece. It happens in real time. It’s got some great supporting characters too…played by Lloyd Bridges, Grace Kelly, Lon Chaney Jr., and Lee Van Cleef.



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