Franchise Ranking: Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry is one of the greatest characters in American pop culture. Eastwood played the role to perfection. So, I’m going to go ahead and make your day and rank these films!!


05.) The Dead Pool- The last Dirty Harry film is about a sick game called “The Dead Pool”. You see, you make a list of celebs who you think are going to die, and you get paid a lot if they kick the bucket. Harry Callahan is on that list. Of course, people begin to get murdered and it’s up to Dirty Harry to figure this out. It’s okay, but I didn’t care for it. Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson are on it, which is cool.


04.) Sudden Impact– Eastwood directs this film about a rape victim who goes on a killing spree. She kills some of her rapists. Callahan investigates it and says one of his most memorable catchphrases. It’s a real dark film. There are some neat things but it feels like it should have been another film, not a Dirty Harry film.

Tag you're it
Tag you’re it

03.) The Enforcer- The mayor of San Francisco is kidnapped by a militant group of people. So, Dirty Harry and his female partner try to get to the bottom of everything. It’s also another okay film. Eastwood is given some good material and is pretty funny at times.

The face you make when touch gum under the table
The face you make when you touch gum under the table

02.) Magnum Force- Killings are taking place all over San Francisco. Dirty Harry finds out that it’s a squad of police officers taking the law into their own hands. It’s awesome! One of the highlights from this is Hal Holbrook.

Hirty Darry
Hirty Darry

and #1 is…

01.) Dirty Harry- As if there were any doubt. One of the greatest films from the 70’s has Eastwood playing Dirty Harry for the first time. He’s assigned to a case where people are being murdered by the Scorpio killer. Callahan goes to the extremes, even torturing a suspect to get the info he needs. It’s a marvelous film and my personal favorite Eastwood film. It’s g-g-great.

Yo' dead
Yo’ dead

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