Annoying Characters: Jack Toby from Death Wish

A new series I’m going to be doing will follow some of the most annoying characters of TV and Film. Since I’ve been watching the Death Wish films, I’m going to choose a character from the first film…

Jack Toby is played by Steven Keats who appeared on such films as The Last Dinosaur and Silent Rage. Let’s start off with why this character is annoying. He is Paul Kersey’s son-in-law, he’s married to Kersey’s daughter, Carol. After Kersey’s wife and daughter are attacked, Kersey gets a call from Jack. It’s okay so far, he tells Kersey to come to the hospital and that Carol and his wife have been attacked. So, Kersey arrives at the hospital. Now, of course when you find out that your wife has been attacked, you want answers NOW!!! Kersey approaches a nurse and wanting info, saying that they’ve been waiting for a long time….So, Jack stands up and tells Kersey some of the most useless facts ever…THAT IT’S ONLY BEEN A FEW MINUTES.

Carol is in a comatose state. While Kersey visits his daughter, Jack tells him that he shouldn’t come visit her anymore. That buck-tooth piece of trash telling Paul that he can’t see his own daughter. So, my patience has worn thin with him. Later, he visits Paul and berates him for painting the living room a different color. Oh, you don’t like the way I’ve painted MY OWN HOUSE, kiss off.

Toby is a person that I’m sure we’ve all come in contact with. Someone who tries to control everyone’s lives. It’s bad when the muggers are more likable than one of the main characters….


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