Upcoming Flicks to Watch

Here’s a list of films that I’d like to see coming up. Yeah……………..

Black Mass- Johnny Depp plays Mobster Whitey Bulger in what looks to be an Oscar contender. What caught my attention is Depp as the mobster, you can’t really tell that it’s him.


Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension- I’m a bit fatigued with found footage, but I’ve enjoyed a few. Paranormal Activity and some of the sequels are the ones I like. This is supposedly the last one, which means there’ll be more..


Crimson Peak- Guillermo Del Toro’s homage to gothic horror films should be a beautiful film to watch. I’m always interested in Del Toro’s films.


Bone Tomahawk- Kurt Russell plays a Sheriff hunting cannibals in the old west. It’s awesome to see Russell in another western! Also, you have Patrick Wilson, who is pretty cool too!


Goosebumps- I haven’t really made a decision in watching this yet. I was happy to hear about Goosebumps and stuff, the trailers look fun, I just don’t like some of the casting.

901718 - Goosebumps

The Peanuts Movie- I’ve always been a huge fan of the Peanuts and the newest film looks really fun!

Spectre- James Bond goes up against the evil organization. Daniel Craig has been doing really good as Bond and there has been talk about his replacement 😦


Victor Frankenstein- Since there hasn’t been a really good Frankenstein flick, I’d like to think this will be good or decent, at least. The trailer made it feel like a Hammer Frankenstein, which I was hoping for since I heard about Daniel Radcliffe’s casting.


Creed- Apollo Creed’s son is the main character in this film. Rocky Balboa takes him under his wings and probably will teach him, like Mickey taught him in 1976.


Krampus-  From the director of 2007’s Trick ‘r Treat comes a tale of Christmas terror! I’ve been hyped since the first poster art was released.


and finally….

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Since the first trailer was released, I’ve been anticipating it! I mean, I love the franchise so much. So hopefully, this film will be so epic!!!!



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