The Curse (1987) Review


Dir. David Keith

Starring Wil Wheaton and Claude Akins

Plot:  The film starts with one of the Duke boys getting arrest and claiming it’s in the water, the cops seem to drive down the road where everyone is using their water hoses. The story follows a family that has a farm in Tennessee. The mother of the family has an affair with a workhand and the father (or stepfather) doesn’t approve because he’s a religious man. A strange object falls out of the sky and they are flabbergasted.

A local land developer tries to get the doctor of the town to tell the family that the object is meaningless, so the guy gives the family the Joe Dirt story. Meanwhile, the object completely melts and the crops begins to grow better. A water inspector comes to town and begins to inspect the water and makes some findings. The farmers crops are all rotten on the inside and he blames it on his wife, who’s begin to act strange and grow zits on her face.


People who drank the water become violent and it’s up to the inspector to save the day!

Review: I remember watching it as a kid. It was an okay horror film. Pacing is a bit slow. Neat special effects and the characters were decent. VHS cover is beautiful.


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