Franchise Ranking: King Kong

That lovable ape that runs amok in New York will be the focus of this franchise ranking, so sit back and have a banana.

08.) The Mighty Kong- An animated musical based on King Kong. I really liked it as a kid, but with recent viewings, I found myself not liking it. It’s still okay and the musical numbers are swell.


07.) King Kong (2005)- This Kong film was directed by Peter Jackson. I don’t have an intense hatred of this film, I just think it’s too long. I like long movies, but this really took time, the ride to Skull Island on the boat seemed as if it would never end. Anyway, I think Kong’s death is definitely the saddest on this film. Jackson gave Kong a lot of screen time and it worked.


06.) King Kong Lives- Sequel to the 1976 remake has Kong undergoing a heart transplant. Meanwhile, another giant ape is found who is a female. Kong springs to life and the two start a family. They put Kong in the south rather than New York. Overall, it’s not bad and I like it.


05.) King Kong Escapes- Japan’s second go around with the ape has him fighting a mechanical version of him, predating MechaGodzilla. It’s a fun movie and one of my favorite monster fights on Tokyo Tower. Word is they were going to have Kong fight Ebirah, but contract conflicts happened and it was Godzilla that fought the lobster in “Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster”.


04.) Son of Kong- Made almost immediately after the first film in 1933. It had Carl Denham returning to Skull Island to find Kong’s son. It’s a very nice movie with a heartbreaking ending. I give them props for this film though.


03.) King Kong vs. Godzilla- The two most famous giant monsters of the land duke it out. I love it. I wish Kong’s costume looked better, but it’s still fun.


02.) King Kong (1976)- Oil guys come to an island to possibly drill, instead they find Kong, who they bring back to New York, where he escapes and climbs the World Trade Center. It’s a great film and was the first Kong film I ever watched. I love the costume, the best costume of all the Kong films.


and #1 is…

01.) King Kong (1933)- The original and best. With some of the best stop motion effects out there, Kong escapes in New York and climbs the Empire State Building, which is still one of the most iconic things ever. Where he is killed by planes, plummeting to his death. It’s an amazing movie, that’s well acted and deserved an Oscar.


P.S. Rest in Peace, John Guillermin.


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