The Frighteners (1996) Review


Dir. Peter Jackson

Starring Michael J. Fox and Jeffrey Combs

Plot: A man by the name of Frank Bannister (Fox) has a special ability to see dead spirits. He uses this ability to con the locals. All the while, the people of the town are dying of mysterious heart failure. Frank is called to a house of man who he had an altercation with earlier, Frank notices numbers carved in the man’s head. Later, that man dies of a heart attack.


The man’s wife, Lucy asks Frank for help in communicating with her late husband, the date is cut short when a grim reaper figure kills a man right in front of Frank. Frank storms away after the figure, making him a prime suspect. Lucy is taken to the police station where she is questioned by a strange FBI agent (Combs). Frank with the help of his ghost pals try to stop the grim reaper, but fail. So, Frank turns himself after he fails to save news editor.


Lucy heads to Franks unfinished home where a call is made from one of the citizens. Lucy heads to the home, to find an elderly lady and her daughter (who was an accomplice to murders in the 1960s). Frank has an near-death experience and finds out the true identity of the grim reaper, it’s Johnny Bartlett, a murderer who gunned down doctors at a sanitarium along with the daughter mentioned earlier.


Johnny was cremated and his ashes need to be taken to concencrated ground, so he can move on to the other side, ending the murders.

Review: I love this film. I was a tot when I watched in the 1990’s and loved it back then. It’s strange that this film has inspired me a lot. It’s definitely my favorite Peter Jackson film. The film is so interesting to watch and I suggest this to anyone.


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