Annoying Characters: Angry Villagers from the Universal Frankenstein Films


Pretty much every Frankenstein film from Universal had to have these guys.

On the first Frankenstein, they gathered up when the Monster killed a little girl. I can understand their gathering on there, but on the next film “Bride of Frankenstein” they got out of hand. Frankenstein’s Monster saved a young woman from drowning and they gang up on him and basically crucify him. Then, they chain him up, he escapes. He’s a scared animal taking refuge in a country home with a blind man, who is understanding of him. Of course, here comes the villagers. Not only do they ruin the Monster’s new found friend, they help in burning the poor man’s house down.

Son of Frankenstein, the entire village meets the son at the train station, only to condemn him for stuff he didn’t do. Then, after the monster is awoke and begins to kill people, they storm up to the Castle Frankenstein and act like a bunch of animals. Ghost of Frankenstein has a moment where the Monster helps a little girl, only for a silly villager to poke his nose in, only to get killed.

I say we gather an angry mob and run the angry villagers out of town… Who’s with me!?


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