Body Bags (1993) Review


Directed by John Carpenter & Tobe Hooper

Starring Stacy Keach and Mark Hamill

Plot: A coroner tells us tales of death in this anthology. The first story is The Gas Station, which is about a gas station attendant working late. She begins to get the heebie jeebies when some strange characters come around. There is talks of murders going around. She is startled by when she discovers the body of a hobo. Then, she is stalked by a killer.

body bags 1993 the gas station_thumb[2]

The second story is Hair. A man named Richard (Keach) who is going bald. He tries various methods to make himself look good again. Nothing works, he notices a TV commercial about hair loss. He decides to through with that procedure. The next morning he wakes up with beautiful long hair. But, the hair doesn’t stop growing!


The final story is Eye. A promising baseball star (Hamill) is in a car wreck and loses his eye. He believes his career is over until doctors bring up that can give him another eye. So, he undergoes the surgery. He begins to witness visions of terrible things. He’s got the eye of a killer and he believes that the killer is trying to takeover his body.


Review: I remember catching some of this on back in the day and I was always interested in it. I know that this was suppose to be an anthology like Tales from the Crypt, but it never did happen. Anyway, all three stories are pretty solid. My favorite one is probably Hair. I really liked the cut-ins with John Carpenter, his character was pretty funny and said some neat things. I also enjoyed the cameos from Wes Craven, Sam Raimi and Roger Corman.


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