The Hidden (1987) Review


Directed by Jack Sholder

Starring Michael Nouri and Kyle MaLachlan

Plot: The film starts with a man walking into a bank and robbing it, also killing a few folks. This leads into a car chase which ends with the suspect being shot and burned. He’s taken to the hospital and is believed to be incapitated. Suddenly, he wakes up and passes on a strange creature into the mouth of another man. Who then leaves the hospital. An FBI agent (MacLachlan) and a detective (Nouri) try to seek out this creature.


The creature goes on to kill a few people because if it sees something it wants, it takes it or people die. The body it’s in is sick and needs to find another host. The creature gets inside the body of a beautiful stripper (Lucky!) and has a shootout with the agent and the detective. It thens transfers into the body of a dog. The agent is arrested and harbors a secret. He’s an alien sent to find and destroy the creature. Then the creatures goes on to another.


After a shootout at the police station, the creature disguises itself as a police officer and heads to an event where the Senator is giving a speech. He kills a bunch of people. Can the good alien get the creature before he takes over the Senator?


Review: First, I want to point out that Jason goes to Hell definitely did rip this movie off. I don’t care what the folks behind that flick said. Anyway, this was a pretty entertaining flick. It was action packed and had some amazing effects. The soundtrack was decent as well. I want to point out a few folks from the flick. One of the secret service guys was Ted White who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Also, the dog that is taken over is Jason from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4. So, yeah. Overall, definitely a fun flick.


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