Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015) Review


Directed by Don Michael Paul

Starring Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy

Plot: Two South African fellows are out and about in the desert where one falls into a cavern. He’s attacked and killed by what seems to be an “ass-blaster”. So, a man seeks out to find Burt Gummer (Gross) who is filming a survival show that he’s the star of. We meet his new cameraman Travis (Kennedy) who is sort of a daredevil with a motorcycle. Gummer and Travis agree to go to Africa and stop the ass-blasters.


Burt arrives in Africa to find that he doesn’t have his arsenal and must make due with the weapons provided. Later that night, Burt comes face to face with a new ass-blaster that is unlike anything he’s went up against before. Burt is able to kill it, but is double-crossed by the man who sent for him, he turns out to be a poacher that aims to sell an egg retrieved from the dead ass-blaster. He cages Burt, who pratically goes insane in the heat, resorting to him drinking his own urine. He’s saved by Travis.


Burt and Travis witness the poacher being chased by the tentacles that usually come from the mouth of a graboid. It heads back to a nest that Burt and Travis have to destroy, so Burt calls in a man with a helicopter to come help. That man is eaten by a graboid. The new larger graboid must be stopped before it eats a local village of folks!

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Tremors 5

Review: I’m a huge fan of the series. I have been since I was a kid. I was estatic to hear that another Tremors was coming out, then I remembered how disappointed I was with “Curse of Chucky” also from Universal. But, I was totally surprised by this. It had the humor of the past films. It was good to see Burt back, although I’d love to see Val & Earl return to franchise, Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, respectively. This film may not be the perfect Tremors movie, but it’s definitely fun.


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