Trick or Treats (1982) Review


Directed by Gary Graver

Starring David Carradine and Peter Jason

Plot: The film begins with a man being hauled away to the mental hosptial. Four years later, we’re introduced to a woman, she’s asked to babysit. She agrees to babysit. Meanwhile, the man who is in the mental hospital plots his escape. Now, the woman has arrived at the house to find that the little boy she is babysitting likes to play pranks. He continues to do so throughout the night.


The crazy man has escaped from the mental hospital and makes his way back, the place the young woman is babysitting at. The babysitter is tired of the young boy’s gags, but continues to fall for them. The man murders someone discovering that he’s not killed wife, so he continues to stalk the house.


Review: I lost interest in it. I thought a few of the parts was pretty funny though. I also enjoyed the Halloween feeling of the film. Overall, it’s not good.


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