Rocktober Blood (1984) Review


Directed by Beverly Sebastian

Starring Tray Loren and Donna Scoggins

Plot: We open with a heavy metal singer named Billy (Loren) in a studio, he records a song and then he acts like a douche to this woman, he promised her something for porkin’ but he failed to deliver. Billy later kills a woman. Billy loses his mind and is about to kill Lynn (Scoggins) until a security guard confronts him.


Two years later, Billy is long dead and Lynn is now the lead singer of a band. At a concert, she comes face to face with Billy. She’s told to shrug it off because ‘he dead’. She goes off to a cabin, where she again sees Billy. But, of course, no one believes her….because ‘he dead’. Then people are getting murdered while Lynn takes her clothes off numerous times. She accidentally stabs her manager.


She comes to the conclusion that she must dig the body of Billy up. She believes his body is not in there. Eventually, she digs his grave up to find he’s very much dead. She goes on with the concert. There’s a killer there though! She finds out the truth!


Review:  There are few movies that I can stand with bad acting. For some reason, there are some that click with me and some that don’t. It brings me back to a time in my childhood when the family and I would rent horror films, whether they were good or bad, I still liked them. I really enjoyed this flick. I thought the soundtrack definitely stood out. I got a kick out of the silliness of the concert close to the end. Do I recommend this? It really depends if you take horror films seriously or not.


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