Thoughts: The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere (Some Spoilers)


It’s that time again! The Walking Dead has returned. The episode featured a bunch of Walkers, like thousands. The episode happens after the events of last season’s finale. Rick and the gang find a quarry of walkers, that will escape and wreak havoc on their community. So, Rick comes up with a plan to lead them away. We get flashback scenes that are shot in black & white.

Now, the premiere from last year is still the best. At 90 minutes, I felt like the season could have started better. The Walker make-up was satisfying, like always……. I’m glad to this show back and hope this season will great 🙂

****************************************SPOILER BELOW***************************************************

****************************************SPOILER BELOW***************************************************

****************************************SPOILER BELOW***************************************************

Carter is the character that died tonight. He plotted against Rick, but then made up with him. Then Carter was bit in the face by a walker. There was a moment where blood spat in Carter’s eye and that made it feel more real. I don’t know how, it just did.


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