Franchise Ranking: Killer Tomatoes

You know, I’d never thought I even care about a film where tomatoes come to life and kill people, but I was surprised with this series. Here’s my ranking of the series. Worst to best!

04.) Killer Tomatoes Eat France!- In the fourth film of the Killer Tomatoes trilogy has the veggies taking over France! I think the stereotype of the French was my favorite part. I thought the bad tomatoes were cool. This one just wasn’t as fun as the first three.


03.) The Killer Tomatoes Strike Back!– An officer and a tomato expert try to stop Dr. Gangreen from controlling folks with television. I thought it was funny and the main woman is so beautiful.


02.) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes- The first of the series has tomatoes turning on humans. There are so many funny little things and the characters were pretty funny.


and #1 is…

01.) Return of the Killer Tomatoes- 10 years after the first, sees Dr. Gangreen turning tomatoes into muscular men that’ll do his bidding. This movie had so many funny bits and it’s one of George Clooney’s first films. This film had another really attractive woman as the lead.



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