Thoughts: Friday the 13th: The Game


It has been announced that Friday the 13th will have a game released for all consoles. Now, this is a surprise because I thought this game was going to be called ‘Summer Camp”.

Well, I’m somewhat happy about it. I’ve wanted a game for the series for a long time. I never really cared for the NES game. So, I’m hoping this will be an improvement. One thing that I think is okay, is that you can play as Jason from Part VII….but that’s not the Jason I want to play as. I know that everyone and their aunt & uncle tend to spout off that Hodder is Jason. They are entitled to that opinion. But, I don’t discount the people played Jason before him. Ted White from The Final Chapter and Richard Brooker from Part III are my favorite, so I hope you can play as them.

All in all, I can’t wait to play this. It makes me happy that Friday the 13th has been getting attention. It just proves that the 1980s were the best era in horror films.


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