Shock Waves (1977) Review


Directed by Ken Wiederhorn

Starring Peter Cushing and Brooke Adams

Plot: A woman (Adams) is discovered floating in a boat, half dead. She’s brought aboard another boat and begins to reminisce about what happened to her. She was on a boat tour. A bunch of mysterious stuff happens which causes the crew head to a nearby island. The island at first glance seems to be vacant. An old man (Cushing) wants answers to why they’re on his island. He runs to check to see the boat that they crashed into.


Men wearing Nazi uniforms begin to rise out of the ocean and attacks one of the crew members. The old man warns the people to leave the island, that they are in danger. It’s revealed that the old man was a Nazi and the men of the ocean are scientifically enhanced soldiers. The passengers try to leave the island but are pursued by the soldiers.¬†picture-94

Their attempts are futile and they return to the home of the old man. The folks hide in a refrigerator. Eventually, the Nazi’s begin to pick off everyone. The woman manages to escape and writes the events while laying in the hospital bed. She has lost her mind.


Review: The film is very atmospheric. Although, I thought it dragged on. The Nazi’s soldiers are pretty terrifying and the films score adds to the terror. Peter Cushing is pretty good for the few moments that hes on there. John Carradine did a pretty good job as well. Ken Wiederhorn directed this and would eventually direct “Return of the Living Dead Part II” which is one of my favorite sequels.


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