Final Exam (1981) Review


Directed by Jimmy Huston

Starring DeAnna Robbins and Joel Rice

Plot: The film begins with a couple parked in a secluded area, they are murdered by stabbing. We’re off to a college. A fraternity stages a fake terrorist attack and it causes a local Sheriff to come and threaten the pranksters. Some of the girls at the school are off to a vacation and whatnot…I think.


Later, one of the students is hazed after he expresses love to a young woman.  The student is later stabbed to death. More and more students are butchered. A young man who is infatuated with killers discovers the bodies.


Review: I remember watching this as a kid and I remember not liking it. Lets say that nothing has changed. It is uninteresting and nothing special. I always liked the VHS cover..only positive thing I can say for it.


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