Ghost Story (1981) Review


Directed by John Irvin

Starring Fred Astaire and Craig Wasson

Plot: Four old men have a club called “The Chowder Society”. The men tell ghost stories, to be a member, you have to tell one. The son of one of the men falls to his death, his twin brother Don (Wasson) returns home and tries to convince his father that a woman had something to do with the death. Don’s father dies.


Don comes up to the Chowder society to tell his story of a romance that he had with that woman. Don fell in love with her and didn’t want to marry her, so she went on to his brother. The men soon discover that this woman was apart of their youth. She had an accident and to get out of trouble, they drove her car into a pond to hide all evidence.


That made her a vengeful spirit. She takes the life of another old man. So, the two remaining men and Don try to seek answers in the woman’s home.


Review: It’s a good ole fashioned ghost story. Which was something scarce in the early 80s. I liked it. It had a slow pace, but not in a bad way. I thought the special effects were swell and the acting was pretty good as well. My favorite part of the movie was when the chowder society was meeting and you can see snow flying by in the window behind them.


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