Countess Dracula (1971) Review


Directed by Peter Sasdy

Starring Ingrid Pitt and Nigel Green

Plot: After the Count of a village passes away, he leaves his wife and daughter the castle. The aging Countess (Pitt) is enamored with a young soldier. She loses her shit with a maid and tastes blood. She finds out that blood may be the answer to youth, as she begins to look younger. She murders the maid and drinks her blood. The Countess is now beautiful. She begins a relationship with the soldier which makes his General (Green) jealous, for he had feelings for her first. The Countess lies and tells the soldier that she is the daughter of the Countess, who was kidnapped on the way home.


Later on, the Countess’ appearence changes and she becomes ugly. She orders her guards bring her another girl. She returns back to the beauty. The soldier falls in love with her asks for her hand in marriage, which she agrees. Meanwhile, the real daughter tries to escape, but fails. The General reveals to the soldier that the daughter is really the Countess.


The real daughter arrives at the castle, but is soon taken away. The Countess intends to marry the soldier one way or another. Can this crazy woman be stopped?!


Review: This is a Hammer film and to get one thing out of the way, it’s NOT a Dracula film. I’m sure that got a lot of butts in the seats back in the 70s (as if Ingrid Pitt wasn’t enough) though. Anyway, I thought this was a very interesting movie. Well acted with some nice set pieces. Ingrid Pitt was great and she was seductive when onscreen (as the beauty). If you’ve never seen it, check it out.


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