Random Nostalgia Post #4- The Future is Now!

Today is October 21st, 2015. The day that Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Jennifer Parker came to the future. The internet is buzzing with everything Back to the Future and that makes me really happy. I’ve always loved the series. The first tends to be my favorite, but I have a huge amount of love for the second film. The second is the film in which they travel to this day.


I got into the Back to the Future films in 4th grade. I was aware of them and watched them quite a bit before this though. Back to the Future is like one of the few science fiction films that my dad would watch. Back to the story. I rented them constantly and had them memorized. I remember wondering how 2015 would be. Would there be flying cars? would Jaws have 19 movies? It was just a constant question. It really got my imagination going. These films got me interested in the theory of time travel. I got really into science in 4th grade, to the point that I bought a bunch of science books from a neighbor at a garage sale. I’ve came up with so many stories and ideas for movies that involve time travel. None of them would even be as important or good as the BTTF series.


I make it a yearly tradition to revisit each film and in recent years, I alway got a little excited the closer this date got. Let’s just say, I’m wearing my pockets outside my pants and enjoying all the buzz my favorite trilogy is getting. It’s going to be weird to know that the day that I’ve been waiting for since 2000 is going to be in the past.



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