Prime Evil (1988) Review

prime evil

Directed by Roberta Findlay

Starring Amy Brentano and Ruth Collins

Plot: The film begins with a rogue monk killing other monks while praising Satan. They need more victims and they need to be stopped. A priest tries to infiltrate the Satanists by using a Nun. The Satanists kidnap a girl, who they intend on sacrificing. One of the girls gives us an unnecessary story about her childhood.


The leader of the Satanists puts the moves on a woman who makes her boyfriend upset. She slaps her BF in front of some partygoers. The Nun undergoes a ceremony to become a Satanist. She reveals everything to the priest that sent her. Meanwhile, the Satanists abduct a woman while Seinfeld music plays.


Towards the last thirty minutes, it sort of becomes ‘Pretty Woman’ with Satanists…mainly because a hooker stays with the main woman. The overweight henchman for the Satanists kidnaps a woman who was swimming in a pool. The boyfriend of the main woman confronts the Satanists, I think. It’s just convoluted to be honest. So, here’s the rump of a woman.

PrimeEvil (96)

Review: It’s a bad movie. It was somewhat entertaining. I didn’t hate it, but the film really lacked any sort of suspense. It dragged on. The women were attractive, yet not that great at acting. The film’s score and special effects were decent. All in all, it’s one of those films you just watch once.


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