Blackout (1985) Review


Directed by Douglas Hickox

Starring Richard Widmark and Keith Carradine

Plot: The film begins with a woman discovering the body of a family. A police officer vows to find the killer. Meanwhile, a vehicle picks up a man (Carradine) while hitchhiking. The vehicle gets into a horrible accident leaving one of the two in the vehicle horribly disfigured with no memory of anything. He is taken to a hospital where his face is reconstructed. While there he falls in love with a Nurse. The two begin a relationship.


A few years the Nurse and the man are married with some kids. A retired detective (Widmark) is still very interested in the case and wants to close the case. Stuff is happening which makes the Nurse scared. So, the man has to prove that he is not a murderer, but he doesn’t know for sure. It’s revealed that the head of police is still in love with Nurse who dated six years previously.


A man wearing a black leather gimp mask is caught, so everyone thinks stuff will stop. Are they right or are they wrong?


Review: It was well acted and pretty neat. It kinda had a twist that you saw coming from a mile away, but still good. It had pretty good VHS art.


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