Proteus (1995) Review


Directed by Bob Keen

Starring Doug Bradley

Plot: Some people drive in a boat trying to smuggle drugs and wreck and board an oil rig. At first it seems abandoned, the people look around and notice a lot of strange stuff. They run into a fancy talking scientist and a woman. Apparently, there is a creature going around.

proteus 4

The creature implants itself into people. One of the people reveals himself to be an undercover agent that targeted the smugglers. Now, people can’t be trusted and stuff like that. The creature is addicted to heroin and tries to find a stash of it. Yep. A drug addicted biological weapon. Very terrifying.


Review: The 1990s was not the best time for horror/science fiction films. Especially, if they were released by Vidmark. Vidmark had the Leprechaun series which I liked, but their productions always had the same feeling. The characters in this were unlikable. I think some of the ideas were okay, but I can’t stand movies that get into the point of view of the creature. Its probably seems like I’m picking this movie apart. I just happened to find a lot wrong with it. It felt like a huge ripoff of The Thing, which is something that I’d rather be watching. Doug Bradley did good, I guess. Special effects were really well done.


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