Frankenstein (1984) Review


Directed by James Ormerod

Starring Robert Powell and Carrie Fisher

Plot: It’s the classic tale of Victor Frankenstein creating a monster from the bodies of the dead. Victor (Powell) is constantly working and his girlfriend Elizabeth (Fisher) is worried. In comes a man named Henry, who sees first hand what Victor has created. A living breathing man, who escapes and begins to frighten folks on the countryside.


The Monster is attacked by folks and continues to roam the woods where he meets a blind man who becomes his friend. The Monster begins to speak. He learns how to read as well. Two criminals attack the old man, killing him. This enrages the Monster, he viciously murders the two.


The Monster accidentally kills a young woman and boy on the Frankenstein property. The Monster comes to Victor, which the Monster mistakes Victor for being God. He wants Victor to create him a woman. The Monster becomes violent towards Victor threatening to make him lonely. He attacks Elizabeth. What will happen now?!

Robert Powell as Victor Frankenstein

Review: This was a TV movie back in ’84. I’ve seen screenshots of it over the years and thought it looked okay. I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of it. The film had some interesting visuals and atmosphere. The acting was top-notch. Not the best Frankenstein adaptation, but certainly nowhere near the worst.


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