Halloween (2007) Review


Directed by Rob Zombie

Starring Malcolm Mcdowell and Brad Dourif

Plot: It’s Halloween at the Myers house, the family is dysfunctional. The son, Michael is constantly teased by his stepfather and it doesn’t get any better at school. Michael is bullied, but decides to end that by murdering his bully. Later that night, Michael murders his sister, her boyfriend and stepfather. Michael is put in the mental hospital, where he meets Sam Loomis (Mcdowell).


Years pass and Michael is a towering behemoth that escapes from the hospital. He makes his way back to Haddonfield to find his baby sister, Laurie,who was adopted and is living a normal life. Loomis comes to Haddonfield to find Michael. Now, wearing a mask that he committed his original murders in, Michael begins to stalk Laurie.


Laurie is babysitting at a house. Loomis also discovers the truth behind Laurie and Michael. It’s a race against time to find Laurie before Michael does. Which he finds her and takes her back to his old house. She escapes from Michael, only to be pursued. Loomis arrives and shoots Michael. But, that doesn’t stop him..


Review: I saw this when it hit theaters. That doesn’t matter, I guess. Anyway, I liked some things about it. Like, the whole dynamic between Michael and Loomis in their early years. I also liked the soundtrack not the score. It’s not entirely bad. The mask was ok, I understand what Zombie was going for. I preferred the mask that little kid Michael wore.


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