Halloween II (2009) Review


Directed by Rob Zombie

Starring Scout Taylor Compton and Malcolm Mcdowell

Plot: After the events of Zombie’s first Halloween, we see Michael’s body being hauled away in an ambulance. The ambulance wrecks and Michael gets out killing the surviving passenger. Michael sees a vision of his mom with a white horse. Later, we see Laurie (Compton) who is in the hospital. She finds out that Michael came and killed almost everyone. But, then we find out this was nothing more than a dream.


Two years after, the Halloween massacre, Laurie is still having problems that she can’t seem to cope with. Meanwhile, Dr. Loomis (Mcdowell) is promoting a book on the murders and is almost killed by a gunman who claims Loomis is exploiting the victims. Laurie is told that Michael is dead, who is very much alive. Michael begins to go back to Haddonfield for another Halloween of murder!


Laurie finds out the shocking truth. She is the sister of Myers. She is distraught and begins to party. Back at her place, her friend is killed by Michael. Laurie discovers her friends body and runs into Michael, he carries her off. Dr. Loomis is now conflicted, he notices that Myers has Laurie against her will in a shack in the country. Loomis tries to reason with Michael.


Review: This is panned by almost everyone and I can see why. I don’t like it, but I can notice a few positives in it. I think Zombie did a decent job with the visuals. Brad Dourif was great in this. This was one of the few times that I almost ever cried in a horror film, for Dourif’s acting. Overall, the movie is too bizarre for a Halloween film. Some of the acting is annoying and the films gets too Rob Zombish, if that makes sense..


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