Halloween H20 (1998) Review


Directed by Steve Miner

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Josh Hartnett

Plot: A nurse comes home to find that her house has been broken into. It’s revealed that files with information about Laurie Strode are missing. The nurse goes next door to find her neighbors dead. She is later killed by Michael Myers. We see Laurie (Curtis) who lives under the name of Keri Tate, who is the head of a private school in California. Her son, John (Hartnett) is tired of dealing with his mother’s delusions about her ‘late’ brother.


Meanwhile, Michael drives across the country, he terrorizes a mother and child at a rest stop. Keri sees visions of Michael, but shrugs them off. The students of the school leave for a field trip. Not going on the field trip is John and his friends, who stay back and party. They don’t know that Michael arrived at the school. He kills off the friends, so John and his girlfriend are left. Keri reveals that she is the sister of Michael Myers to the school’s shrink. She discovers that John didn’t go on the field trip. She soon comes face to face with Michael.


Keri sends her son and his girlfriend off. Keri is finally comfortable with facing her fears. She grabs an axe and begins to stalk Michael. Him and her have a confrontation, which ends with Michael getting beheaded.


Review: The first film I watched at the theater. It was a nice change to the series and an interesting idea. Curtis brought another level to the character. The films major flaws are definitely the recycled score from Scream and the generic mask. Other than that, it’s a decent sequel.


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