Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Review


Directed by Rick Rosenthal

Starring Bianca Kajlich and Busta Rhymes

Plot: Years after the events of Halloween H20, Laurie Strode is in a mental hospital. She’s notices that her brother, Michael is staring at her from the yard. He comes in and murders a few folks and heads for her. The two have a final confrontation with Michael killing Laurie..once and for all. Michael leaves and returns home.


We are in Haddonfield now. We meet Sarah (Kajlich), she often talks to a man online that she has never met. Her friend mentions they have an audition for an internet reality show. While auditioning, Sarah screams breaking glasses and whatnot. The show’s host, Freddie (Rhymes) is impressed. He states that the show will take place in the childhood home of Michael Myers. They are totally unaware that Michael is in there. He begins to pick each of the contestants off.


Sarah and Freddie are the final two. Sarah’s online friend helps her find a way out, which leads her to the garage. Freddie attempts to fight Michael, in the process he shocks Michael’s testicles. Michael is burnt to a crisp. In the morgue, Michael opens his eyes revealing he’s alive…


Review: When I first heard about this, it was in a soap opera magazine, yep. I watched it and I remember liking it. Over the years, I have changed my mind back and forth. It’s an awful movie. Although, it’s probably one of the balliest movies in the series. Killing Laurie at the beginning of the movie was something else. The film takes a turn for the worse after the beginning. The film has a few funny gags. My thoughts are: It’s not the worst. But still very bad. Its a shame that Rick Rosenthal, the director from the original Halloween II made this.


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