Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) Review


Directed by Joe Chappelle

Starring Donald Pleasence and Paul Rudd

Plot: The niece of Michael Myers, Jamie Lloyd gives birth to a child. The evil Thorn cult marks it with their symbol. One of the nurses who helps with the birth helps Jamie escape, she is killed by Michael. Jamie drives away, she escapes to a bus station where she makes a call to a radio station trying to reach Dr. Loomis, who is listening. Michael finds her, so she escapes to a barn, Michael finds her again and pushers her into farm equipment, killing her. Michael is upset because she didn’t have the baby with her.


Listening to the radio show was Tommy Doyle (Rudd), a boy who survived an encounter by Michael in his youth. He discovers the baby in the bathroom at the bus station. Dr. Loomis (Pleasence) meets Tommy and the baby. Over at the Myers house, we see a dysfunctional family, a father who slaps his daughter as her child watches. The family is unaware that they live in the Myers house. Dr. Loomis tells the woman of the house the truth, after he leaves she is murdered by Michael.  The mother and her son stay at Tommy’s house, as it is dangerous to be over at the Myers house. More people are murdered. We find that people are working for the cult of thorn.


The mother, son and baby are taken to Smith’s Grove sanitarium. So, Loomis and Tommy head there to confront everyone. Michael is there too and proceeds in killing the cult members, which is awesome! Michael gets his face beat in and whatnot.


Review: This is the theatrical version. Yep, it sucks, but is better than the Producer’s Cut. I do say that this is a pretty terrifying movie. It’s just has too dark of a tone. It’s constantly depressing and there is really no levity. Plus, this is Donald Pleasence’s last film and he’s visibly sick. Michael’s mask was a HUGE improvement though.


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